paul halliday london project

This summer will see the completion of a twenty-year photography
project focusing on London’s streets and public places. I am fascinated
by the 'idea of the city' and how one might get to know it by traversing its
streets and public places.  Since my earliest encounters with photography,
walking with a camera was perceived and experienced as a kind of
cultural and geographic passport. Photography opened up a world of the
urban marvellous
, and the city beckoned and invited my participation
within its theatre and everyday spectacles. 

I am interested in an archaeology of seeing and the related process
of detouring within the city. These images do not 'represent' the city
– an utterly pointless and impossible task – rather, they evoke a subjective rendering of that which I have felt compelled to respond to visually.
The work is a kind of auto-ethnography of my day-to-day life harnessing
the power of photography to speak a language that resonates with a part
of my on-going experience of being a Londoner - in a city that fascinates, infuriates, perplexes and at times leaves me utterly lost for words. A city
that I have a deep sense of shared belonging with, that continues to
intoxicate me, and that I am happy to call my home.

Paul Halliday is a photographer, film-maker and sociologist based in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. 
He originally trained as a photojournalist and film-maker at the London
College of Printing and Central Saint Martins Art College, and studied social anthropology and art history at Goldsmiths and the University of Oxford. 
He has worked for many years in adult and higher education, and is a
former local government media consultant and British Refugee Council
media adviser.  He is now the Course Leader of the MA in Photography
and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College.

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